The 5 Track Plan (13 page Booklet)

The 5 Track Plan is a simple to read and apply Booklet based upon the experience of the Doctors Beyond Medicine global Teams in the field since the 1990s.

Applied knowledge is power! You are the only one with You 24 hours per day. That is also why YOU are your BEST investigator and personal healer! Make understanding your own Body Temple your greatest, joy-filled adventure! With the basics offered here as a foundational approach, applied throughout your life, you improve your ability to listen to and understand the signals when your body is asking for help and will learn and know what to do.

When we respect ALL life and focus on restoring balance and flow where it may have become stagnant, health and enjoyment of the Gift of life is a natural outflow of our state of intent, mind and energy.

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A Happy Spirit generates a Healthy Body!

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