Honey Onion Cough Mixture

Remember! Coughing is a SYMPTOM of something else going on! Consider looking for that underlying issue as well. Coughing is a method the body uses to expel foreign bodies (not such a bad thing even if it can be uncomfortable at times). See our website and look for ImmunoClean as a method to deal with underlying issues that cause symptoms.

You require

A fresh onion sliced into wheels (don’t let it stand for long once cut, be quick to place the onion into a glass container with the honey as directed as soon as the onion is cut).
Raw honey to layer over the onion wheels

Make sure the onion is healthy and not moldy. Take outer skin off.

Scoop a large teaspoon of honey per every wheel of onion and layer it: 2 onion rings, 1 spoon honey, again onion, then honey into a glass jar with a lid. Allow for it to stand for no less than 20 minutes up to 2 hours. It starts to form a watery juice.

Take a teaspoon of this watery liquid as soon as there is enough accumulated. It resembles the texture of water.

Keep the jar closed and refrigerated between doses.

Can be taken every 2 – 3 hours under sever coughing conditions.

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