The Oral Protocol is the most common way to take ImmunoClean™

The weaker the person, the lower the dose!

  • When we say 1 drop it means1 drop from each bottle. When we say 3 drops it means 3 drops from each bottle, etc.
  • When first starting to use ImmunoClean™, start with 1 drop and add to your spring drinking water and drink. Repeat 4 x per day for a week.
  • We recommend using three (3) drops per dose per day as part of your daily “maintenance” regime. This is recommended in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and wholefood plant-based diet.
  • When you are feeling down (physically) or you feel a symptom coming on, increase the regularity of taking the drops to 4x per day for 1 or 2 days.
  • When we have to address already having come down with something, use the drops every hour for 6 – 8 hours for ONE day, 3 drops per dose (for adults) in a full 8 oz glass of spring water each time. Thereafter 3 or 4 x per day for 10 days to support the system clear out debris from the immune function, reduce the dose size if your stools are loose.
  • For children up to 11 years old use 1 drop per dose.
  • Taking the drops more regularly per day (NOT HIGHER DOSES) for a few days assists the immune system better than higher dosage.
  • We use the Oral Protocol in conjunction with other ImmunoClean™ protocols to improve efficacy based upon the body’s local requirements or challenges.
  •  Oral together with steam to support the immune system during respiratory challenges / Oral together with spray when a wound needs to heal.
  • Contact us for a specific dose request or protocol.
  • Please note that our protocols are based upon years of experience with many different health conditions and immune systems. The General Protocols, Dosages and regularity of use are suggestions based upon general body size and health conditions. Should you be on medications or wanting to overcome specific conditions, rather contact us to give you a protocol suited for what you wish to overcome as special cases may require special care. Contact us if you are unsure and please review our Legal Disclaimer
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