Parasites come from a variety of places. When our stomach acids and bicarbonate of soda production levels are compromised, our protection against parasitic and bacterial infection is reduced and they have a free pass into the body.

The stomach acid is lowered through consumption of municipal waters containing chlorine. Ignorantly taking bicarbonate of soda or other stomach acid neutralizers without correcting the normal digestive juices, processes and habits before eating again, cause long term problems. Without stomach acid, your defenses are down!

Stomach juices are lowered when one travels. There is atmospheric, hemispheric and time changes. Consider this especially following international trips and eating “unfamiliar foods” (to your gut biome). Especially when eating commercially or organic produce (fecal matter from animals is used to fertilize vegetables…)

The most common symptoms of parasite infections are:

Importantly, when doing parasite cleansing one must AT ALL TIMES stay:

Gluten free (no flour / breads)
Casein free (dairy)
Soy free
Sugar free
Intake of supplements to be avoided
NO fruit for first 6 weeks
No fruit juices! – This includes sugar-free, fresh and home-made.
Frozen berries are acceptable (no cream / sugar)
No canned / tinned fruit
No dried fruit (it is very high in sugar)

One must avoid being constipated during cleansing (support regularity of bowel movements with enemas or colonics)

For more information on foods during parasite cleansing, visit Foods that support Parasite Cleansing

Varieties of parasites lay up to 100 000 eggs per day. Their excrement into you, daily, contributes to your inner toxicity, which has many symptoms as already indicated.

As a way of life, we recommend doing a monthly cleanse, starting at FULL MOON. When the lunar draw on the body fluids is less, we detox more effectively, as our bodies retain more water during full moon. So, we stay in sync with the natural Biological Rhythms of the planet with our bodies.

You can never wipe out all parasites. Poisoning them is not advised as their “decaying corpses” can cause tremendous UN-wellness.

Ever wonder about those cravings? Ever questioned where cysts may be coming from?

At least it is worth some thought? Regardless, we continue to clean up, get rid of nutritional deficiencies, restore bacterial (microbiome) balances, reduce the fungi, yeasts (e.g. candida) and parasites burden, which all play a role with and within us. Even our behavior is conditioned and programmed by routine. Our internal organisms are used to what we eat. They don’t want to change or find new homes. That is why changing dietary habits are even more difficult when not recognizing this internal universe. These organisms don’t want to find new homes. By making your blood more bitter and reducing or cutting out “their” food, your parasitic load becomes less.

STAY GENTLE and respectful to your body’s capacity to expel waste, keep it natural and consistent! Cleanse monthly.

We are exposed through all walks of life to parasites, bacteria, toxins, medicines, pesticides, etc. that change biology and chemistry in us (these new generation parasites and organisms love to and must feed on the debris that follows these alterations). We keep eating, drinking and traveling most of lives to some or other degree!

Here are some of our successful methods to reduce the parasite burden gently:

Natural Parasite Cleanses Recipes

It is important to TAKE NOTE that if you are new to doing parasite cleansing, then it is imperative that you follow intensive treatment protocols during the first couple of months, in order to break the hatching cycle of the organisms that become released when the mother parasites die. Then a once per month cleanse is certainly NOT sufficient. A starting cycle of 3 days on, 4 days off, 3 days on 4 days off, 3 days on 5 days off, 3 days on 6 days off (and onward until you have 28 days off again between therapies) is recommended – Feel free to Contact Us for your individually designed program if you are unsure of how to start

Castor Oil Cleanse

Take a tablespoon (adult) of castor oil on an empty stomach for 3 consecutive days starting during the week immediately following full moon as an effective parasite reduction, which can be repeated monthly.

(1 Tablespoon for an adult, teaspoon for a child 11 – 16years old, ½ teaspoon for child under 11years old)

Different ways to take it:

1. Add your applicable dosage of castor oil to a glass of freshly squeezed citrus (lemon, orange or grapefruit) juice, mix and drink up as fast as is comfortable.

2. Alternative is to have 1 tablespoon of castor oil with your hot water or tea (on an empty stomach).

3. Follow immediately with a full cup of hot water (lemon added optional).

4. Continue to hydrate having a cup of (hot/warm optional) water every hour for at least 3 hours.

Avoid eating heavy, oily, meaty, sugary and spicy foods for at least 2 days after the flush (Steamed or baked vegetables, veggie soups and vegetable juices are recommended).

ImmunoClean™ Enema Cleanse

We use ImmunoClean™ enemas with great success (in young and old) to evacuate parasitic organisms out of the body. Contact us for your protocol here. This is especially functional as a supportive protocol, when one is taking oral parasite cleanses, in order to prevent organisms from staying stuck in the colon and restarting their life cycles.

ImmunoClean™ is simultaneously taken Orally daily.

Remember to follow the 5 Track Plan principles and HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!

Flaxseed Clove Parasite Cleanse

This method of cleansing the body with cloves and flax seeds will not only eliminate parasites, it may also promote some weight loss. It is gentle and therefore is followed for longer than other harsh protocols.


1 tablespoon of whole cloves

10 tablespoons of whole flax seeds (already ground flax seeds have already started denaturing and breaking down from being broken, and are thus not ideal)


Put all the ingredients into a coffee grinder and grind into a powder (you may have to do 2 grinds, depending on the size of your grinder)

To use as a treatment to eliminate parasites:

Take one – two (1 – 2) tablespoons of the mixed powder, mixed with a bit of water, stir and drink down before it gets thick.

Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (after your first cup of water). Follow the Flax-Clove powder mix with another

full glass of water or tea (no sugar or milk)

You can also mix it with warm water or even with your breakfast. Warm water will make the flax go thick though.

Take this daily for 10 – 14 consecutive days (starting at full moon). Repeat every month for three months. If organisms have been visible

in stool or coming out of the body/skin, continue with protocol (see alternative protocols).

For best results, continue to drink your hourly hydration water, especially while doing this treatment and other cleanses.

Having pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach in the mornings and including adding raw garlic into your foods further serve as anti-parasite support.

Parasites don’t ALL come out after 1 cleanse. The cleansing should be repeated monthly.

Remember to start any time from full moon.

A parasite cleanse protocol should be repeated monthly (no less than seasonally) and especially every time you have travelled internationally…

Do different types of cleanses monthly as the organisms also get used to and adapt to your behaviors. 

Papaya Seed with Pumpkin Seed Cleanse

For Papaya with the papaya seeds and pumpkin seeds Recipe – See More Natural Parasite Cleanses.

Merbendazole / Fenbendazole / Albendazole 100 – 500mg (dose determined by body weight) can be used concurrently with the above mentioned natural methods or on its own. It is taken every 12 hours for a minimum of 3 consecutive days (or as indicated on packet).

Parasites do not all hatch at the same time and cannot ALL be wiped out, especially not in one cleanse! They are the most prolific survivors! Especially not in one cleanse and poisoning them is not advised (if a 20m tape worm dies in you from all the “poisons”, you do not do well from the decaying carcass in you…) A cleaner, less sweet, internal environment offers a less hospitable place for these organisms to live in, therefore they get out..

The success of your work therefore relies on being consistent and keeping on cleaning and improving the nature of our 70% body waters (interstitial fluids, lymph and cell fluid) through what we eat, drink and THINK! 

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