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How we think and feel about something is going to affect the way our body reacts to it as our body produces chemistry and hormones as a response and reaction to that thinking…

Food & State of Mind

Therefore, if my attitude to green or vegetable juice is that it’s horrible and I can’t stand it, the benefit of that juice will no longer serve my body. A great way we can help people to get well is to address their attitude to certain things and see what is going on in the mind toward it…

  Therefore, if my attitude to green juice is that it’s horrible and I can’t stand it, the benefit of that juice will no longer serve my body.

A happy attitude, a calm state of mind, is a much better way to take your meals, whether they are humble, limited meals or extravagant, fancy ones. You can receive healthy food in a bad way, which does not make it healthy any more. Love caring for your body and find ways to keep your wholesome food exciting and tasty.

It’s all about attitude!
Dr Sakeena 

Immune System Boost
In most of the conditions we overcome, we do so using ImmunoClean™ in a variety of ways that support and even “stand in” for the immune system.

We also use “Natural Antibiotic”:

1/4tsp freshly finely grated garlic
1/4 tsp freshly, finely grated ginger
1/4 squeezed lemon
1/4 tsp (knife tip) cayenne pepper
Drop of honey
Stir well and swallow down in a swig

Remember to have it with a full glass of water or tea/soup
BEFORE taking this recipe to line your stomach!

If you have only garlic, use only garlic.
Let it stand for 10min before drinking it, to activate the Allicin.
Repeat 3x per day for minimum of 5 consecutive days (not longer)

Avoid all meat, dairy, sugar and bread with immediate effect, for at least 5 days. Feel free to read more on the topic of improving your immune system on our articles section.

Be consistent and Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

We have an ear steaming protocol with ImmunoClean™ which you can do. Other in-home remedies may be: making an onion poultice, by steaming a whole onion, cutting it in half and wrapping in a soft cloth or putting each half  into a sock… 

Ear ache / infection

We use 3 activated drops of ImmunoClean™ in a cup in a steaming protocol. Add hot water to fill half the cup after activation and then rest your ear on the cup.

BE MINDFUL not to spill hot water on yourself!

Hold a steamed-wrapped-in-poultice-cloth-onion against the ear to ease congestion. IT IS HOT! Feel the onion temp against your wrist until bearable so as NOT to burn! Onion has great antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal properties which are highly soothing in the event of ear pain or infection. Congestion can lead to inflammation and pain.

Make sure that you are hydrated as hydration is a persistent way of helping the concentrated waxes and the mucus to become a bit more fluid to help the waste that is being excreted, come out easier.

It’s better not to put ear buds into your ear. Rather use a piece of soft, rolled up cloth / toilet paper to get some fluid out. Do this in both ears if you’re not sure which ear has the infection and use a new piece of toilet paper each time.

We are not fond of pouring things into one’s ear. Some people however want to clean out their ears: then one can use a very WEAK solution of hydrogen peroxide with warm water (a few drops peroxide to 60ml water). Draw the solution into a 60ml syringe and rinse out the ear: the warm water will help to reduce congestion. Luke warm oil, like olive or castor oil is also used to drip into an aching ear.

Heat against the ear is great against pain and infections. Especially with children. If you choose to use the steamed onion, make sure the onion does not burn the skin!! Always wrap in cotton / cloth. Feel it against your skin for at least minute to ensure you do not hurt a child with an onion that is too hot! 

Be consistent and Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

Ask yourself: What have I hydrated with?  Your human body is composed of up to 75% water, with only 25% matter. Water provides nourishment, eliminates waste and regulates ALL bodily functions…


Tea/coffee/alcohol/soft drinks will not satisfy the body’s water requirements. These drinks contain water that contains caffeine/sugars/sweeteners/chemicals, all which act as

DE-hydrators for your body.

The diuretic stimulation of caffeine INCREASES urination.

Sugared drinks increase blood sugar, which coerce your body in to giving up water, not retaining it.

The average adult loses 2.6 liters (that is more than half a gallon) of water per day. That same person is likely to drink about 2.5 cups of water per day. This leads to an underlying, chronic dehydration in these bodies, which leads to what can be described as a TOXICITY crisis, when the body expresses symptoms, simply because they are dehydrated.

There is no need to call a doctor, no need to take medicine, no need to box yourself into an illness – you are dehydrated. This toxicity crisis (illness symptoms) needs hydration first. So, I am calling this a THIRST disease. Some parts of the body are more dehydrated than others; it’s hard to see but can be understood. These aspects of water metabolism are not recognized by most, so illness is diagnosed” and you remain thirsty.

Some quick ways to ensure your water is being utilized:

Add Lemon or organic apple cider vinegar to your water.

Activate your water with a drop of honey and a crystal ofHimalayan / Celtic / Sea Salt.
Otherwise put a salt crystal under your tongue when drinking water, to increase your electrolyte quality in your body fluid.

Be consistent and Stay gentle.

Dr Sakeena

Bacteria in your digestive tract that are unbalanced due to exposure to antibiotics, pesticides in medication or in foods, breathing habits, parasites, EMF, stress, to name a few, affect your oxygen and iron levels…

Low oxygen and iron 

Taking emotional stress also into consideration, physical traumas from the past, which may have resulted in medications that still linger in your system, which doesn’t just evaporate, it goes into the cells or sits in the interstitial and lymphatic fluids. The body’s response is to allow the liver to deal with these molecules, as the liver combines bile and several detoxing pathways, put the molecule into a fat cell, lock it in, slow down the metabolism, so that we cannot burn off what we don’t have the tools to deal with. The body slows down many things so that it can deal with the toxicity in a slower manner because if it goes too fast, you may feel sick, dizzy, nauseous, and very unwell.

So, this is what happens if there’s congestion. You start feeling symptoms, so that the medication they’ve given you for blood pressure is still not addressing why the blood pressure is high. The blood pressure is high because of deficiencies and congestion. The deficiency that always causes high blood pressure is magnesium deficiency. This comes from our dark green vegetables, and all that we can eat in nature from plants. We can eat all the plants we want, but there has to be gut flora, the bacterium that must be there, that have to grate down those plant materials into vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and building materials.

However, may be the gut flora is not there, because of all the medications coming into the body, and then coming out. How does it come out? Through the skin when you sweat, and through the digestive tract, which is a 9m tube between your throat and your rectum, a huge surface area where the body can excrete waste. If there are cracks in the tongue, they are indicative of stress on your heart, your digestive lining, and your lungs. Struggling to breathe means oxygen levels are strained, which in turn strains the heart, and this is not only from worry, stress and emotions, it is also from medication. The digestive tract between the mouth and the rectum, just like the tongue, is starting to crack. The lining of the digestive tract is replaced every 3 days. But it builds and rebuilds with what is there, so if what’s there is toxic, it will not rebuild the lining effectively.

Thought is the first giver of action. Cause and effect. The body doesn’t decide to go on a rampage. The cause is an inability to deal with what the body is exposed to and an inability to get it out of the system. The effect is always an intelligent response. And as a consequence of trauma, we have a tremendous amount of adrenaline, epinephrine, cortisol, released out of the body. However, if this coping reaction is chronic, there’s a lot of “death”, specifically related to your gut flora, which consists of a 2kg bacterial mass, living in the digestive tract and colon. It is responsible for synthesizing whatever you eat, so you’re going to get the vitamins out of it, get the minerals out of it because the bacterium is doing the work, the processing, so that it can become small enough to fit into the blood.

Be consistent and Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

You can not clear all parasites. Keeping balance by keeping the internal cellular environment cleaner, ensures less ideal terrain for them to breed in. Some species lay up to 100 000 eggs/day.

Parasites, Morgellons & ImmunoClean™

When our stomach acids are low, our protection against parasitic and bacterial infection is low and they have a free pass into the body… Our stomach acid is also lowered through consumption of municipal waters containing chlorine; by taking bicarbonate of soda or stomach acid neutralizers without correcting the normal digestive processes and habits can be very detrimental to health. Stomach acids are also lowered when one travels and shifting biological rhythms; when we are stressed and of course through dehydration. There are atmospheric, hemispheric and time changes affecting us. Apply of the cleanses especially EVERY TIME after international travels.

We use ImmunoClean™ in several protocols to assist the body to lower the toxic burden and excrete parasites. We recommend doing a monthly parasite cleanse, starting just AFTER full moon, when the lunar ‘pull’ on the body fluids starts to reduce and become less and our water retention starts to decrease. (Our bodies retain more water during full moon when we experience more edema / swelling.) Over full moon, more parasite eggs hatch than during the rest of the month. We must therefore stay in sync with the natural Biological Rhythms of the planet and our bodies by cleansing at certain phases of the moon cycle for greater treatment success.

Even our behavior is conditioned and programmed by the routine of “entities inside”. Our internal organisms are used to eating what we eat. They don’t want to change or find new homes. That is why changing dietary habits is even more difficult when not recognizing that this internal universe is also there.  By making your blood more bitter and reducing “their” food, for long enough periods, your load becomes less.

Be consistent and stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena 

You have many tools in your kit for optimal immunity to support any of your ImmunoClean™ protocols through your mindful lifestyle practices… 😊

Restore gut flora (which makes up, up to 70% of your immune system), by having home-made sauerkraut / fermented vegetables / kefir / grated apple (which you left to go brown for 10minutes on the plate) several times per day.

Use ImmunoClean™

As a lifestyle practice avoid eating late at night to allow the body a chance to work on itself at night instead of what must be processed in the digestive tract.

Laughter and movement daily improves immunity!

Daily mindful aware breathing and meditation (prayer) practices takes the body out of fight and flight state.

Good sleep is vital for health restoration, go to bed no later than 10pm and eat no later than 6pm.

The best regeneration sleep time is between 10pm and 3am.

Get Direct sunlight –  Vitamin D heals! 

Vegetable juices and broths are great to improve immunity. 

Attitude is everything. Be consistent!
Dr Sakeena

ImmunoClean™ for Animals

Use 5-6 drops of IC Bottle 1 to 1/2 up to l liter of water.

8-10 drops in 2 liters of water

With every water refill, add fresh drops again.

Be consistent.
Dr Sakeena

If there are cracks in the tongue, they are indicative of stress and challenges on different organs based upon where on the tongue the marks are expressing… 

Cracks on my Tongue

Most chronic medical disorders are associated with fissuring of the tongue. The color, shape, thickness, and coating of the tongue may reflect issues relative to total health.

The digestive tract lining between the mouth and the rectum, of which the tongue is part, reflects deficiencies, toxicities and the nature of our wellness. The lining of the digestive tract is 300 square meter surface area, which is replaced remarkably, every 3-5 days. It builds and regenerates with what is there, so if what’s there is toxic, it may not rebuild the lining optimally and when the inflammation or irritations are chronic, due to lifestyle, nutrition and toxicity, marks (fissures / cracks / indents) and fungi (like candida)

become visible..

Start to hydrate more efficiently by drinking a glass of mineral water every hour to lubricate the lining and provide flow to the work areas to improve the mucus lining and repair capacity of

this dynamical, regenerative area.

Become mindful of what foods you combine!

Improve regularity of bowel movements… 

Attitude is everything. Stay consistent!.
Dr Sakeena

Cleaning up our system is an ongoing, daily supportive process which we must live and follow consistently, like brushing your teeth daily..

Reducing toxicity from emotional and chemical stress

How do waste breakdown byproducts come out of me?

Through the digestive tract and bladder where the kidneys and liver have done their work to expel (in combination with bile and other elements) waste out through urine (7%) and stool (3%) 

Through our skin when we sweat (20%)

And especially through our lungs (70%)

All the organs should be supported in their function and

the burden of toxic intake should be lowered.

Thought is the first giver of action. Cause and effect. The body doesn’t decide to go on a rampage. We have to be mindful of what we say to ourselves!

The cause may be an inability to deal with our mental, biological

and chemical stressors and there may be an inability to

get metabolic waste out of the system efficiently.

The effect is always an Intelligent Response.

A dry digestive lining tears! Hydration is critical for protecting us against toxicities!

Be mindful to tend to “Friendly” gut flora constantly, which extract and manufacture our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and building materials out of all the food we eat. 

Love all the whole-food plants we eat freely.

Clean the food, wash things like grains and legumes through a soaking, washing and rinsing-extra-step cooking preparation.

Attitude is everything. Be consistent. Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

When bacteria in your digestive tract (probiotic) are not balanced due to exposure to antibiotics / pesticides / chronic stress, our lack of friendly bacteria may leads to ongoing deficiencies and opportunistic organism increase (parasitic, fungal and viral). We have to clean up and restore balance… 

Energy Shifts

We can expect many shifts in the coming times. Expect more seismic events on their way as well, causing more unrest, more crime – so keep your head low, stay indoors, stay safe, stay HAPPY, and put the energy of love out as a buffer.

Remember during full moon, the “pull” of the moon on the planetary and bodily waters, is very real and not only affects us, our moods and our bodies, but also the organisms within and around us.

Remember that you are Extraordinary!

Be consistent and Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

You can support your heart and blood health through following some healthy daily habits, and keeping your blood flowing easily through your lungs, brain, heart and body. Here are some things:

Graphene Oxide Detoxing

Things we do that serve to clean our 4 – 6 liters of blood:

1. Hydration – Electrolyte rich water hourly helps your blood and bodily fluids flow by diluting toxins and assisting to replace and move waste materials more effectively.

2. ImmunoClean™ is a proven cardiovascular tonic, which you can take every 3 -4 hours when you feel your blood thickening or find yourself short of breath.

3. Cayenne Pepper – a knife tip quantity 3 x per day is a wonderful heart and blood tonic

4. Beetroot – looks like your blood – serves the blood, liver and kidneys. Have some daily or at least 3x per week. It is also rich in Shikimic acid. It also supplies bio-absorbable iron, which becomes the magnet in your blood to which your oxygen can cling.

5. Breathing exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing, provides improved circulation to support body pH balancing. Do them hourly 2-3 minutes!

6. Garlic and ginger also thin the blood naturally and make blood flow easier, add to your salads, juices and meals, also can be taken raw – no more than a clove per portion.

7. Foods rich in Sulphur provide the body with glutathione which helps cellular detoxification – the brassica family is great to consume daily – cauliflower, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, etc.

8. Fennel seed tea cleanses the liver and provides shikimic acid to the body which also fights shedding.

9. Making tea from evergreens, which contain shikimic acid is helpful to support your blood health. Use White pine needle, cedar, fir or spruce to steep a tea.

Not for pregnant woman due to high vitamin C content.

10. Star anise seed extracted through a decoction also can

be used to stop blood clots.

When we know what tools and choices we have, we can make liberated decisions.

Be consistent and Stay gentle.

Dr Sakeena

There are currently ongoing solar flares, super moons, and great, great charge in the energy worldwide, which can actually be sensed and felt in the body electricity. The Schumann resonance fluctuates very strongly consequently which affects our bodies which are electromagnetic…

Energy Shifts

We can expect many shifts in the coming times. Expect more seismic events on their way as well, causing more unrest, more crime – so keep your head low, stay indoors, stay safe, stay HAPPY, and put the energy of love out as a buffer.

Remember during full moon, the “pull” of the moon on the planetary and bodily waters, is very real and not only affects us, our moods and our bodies, but also the organisms within and around us.

Remember that you are Extraordinary!

Be consistent and Stay gentle.
Dr Sakeena

No, it is not. ImmunoClean™ is a herbal, mineral solution containing 12 herbs, known for their extraordinary healing properties. We use the ion of a mineral salt to create a gas, which offers extra oxygen molecules to the cells to use in the natural immune function against pathogens…

Is ImmunoClean the same as MMS?

No, it is not. ImmunoClean™ is a herbal, mineral solution containing extracts from 12 herbs, known for their remarkable healing properties. MMS is made by mixing industrial Sodium Chlorite and citric acid.

The uniqueness of the ImmunoClean™ formula is in the 16 compounds extracted from said 12 herbs and plants with specific functions in the immunological response processes of the body. The herbs comprise of Phyto-chemicals, organic compounds, fatty acids and anti-oxidants that are used in natural, stimulatory actions that form part of a complete biological process used by the immune system to repair the body, fight pathogens, and remove toxins. We have extensive Ayurvedic and other laboratory tests that have been done on ImmunoClean™ that further validate this analysis.

The ion of our mineral salts formulae is used to create a gas (SCD), which offers oxygen molecules to the cells and facilitates improved cleansing and natural immune function against pathogens and damage.

The activation of ImmunoClean™ creates SCD (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide) which is known as the “universal antidote”. It is applied in protocols that cleanse body fluids, tissue and blood through several pathways – oral, steaming, spraying, enema and transdermal. The 12 herbs are recognized globally for their healing, organ protective and stimulating properties.

The charged ion of ImmunoClean™ has been shown to assist in the reactivation of the Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle, which is the energy cycle) inside each cell, which restores natural function.


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