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My family and I have been using this product to activate our immune system and fight off disease, illness and inflammation for nearly 10 years. Whenever we start showing symptoms of illness we just use this a few times a day for a few days. We haven’t had to see general practitioners about Illness in many years and do not use chronic medication or antibiotics, not even supplements, just healthy food, hydration and ImmunoClean™

GT Netherlands

I have been in the natural health scene for many years and worked in conjunction with many medical professionals for many years. I use to assist Cancer patients in various Oncology wards around the Johannesburg and Pretoria area with lifestyle choices and counselling. For many years I tried to work with medical professionals but found myself not in alignment with some of their recommendations. About two to 3 years ago, my path crossed the Doctors beyond medicine’s paths and ever since I am in absolute awe of their commitment and passion to support sick people in surge of a natural modality.

In the case of myself, I have been battling with annual asthma attacks as well as sinus and swollen lymph nodes. My medical professionals at the time wanted me to go for further investigation blood test and possibly a biopsy. I did not feel in congruence with doing that so I started with ImmunoClean™ as well as lifestyle changes suggested by Dr Sakeena. Currently, I haven’t been experiencing any asthma and feel wonderful.

I tried so many expensive products without good results. Currently, I am a firm believer in ImmunoClean™ and recommend it on a daily basis to many of my clients.

About two years ago I met an Orthodontist of Pretoria at the time I was not aware of the fact that he was an Orthodontist. He was diagnosed with Malaria. I gave him the Doctors beyond medicines protocol for Malaria that included ImmunoClean™. He had such wonderful results that his currently referring many medical doctors to me. He also recently sent me a message to say that he now is recommending ImmunoClean™ to all his family and friends. He said he recently treated Ludwig’s Angina with great success.

I have seen the wonderful effect it has on clients Immune systems. One of my clients that were diagnosed with Lymphoma recently used ImmunoClean™ after they could not continue chemo due to high infection rates. He went for a blood test on Friday used the ImmunoClean™ for the weekend and on Monday when they did another blood test the infection rate was completely down.

I can highly recommend ImmunoClean™ to anybody who would like to boost their Immune system.

EVM South Africa

Lara is a very fine guide and companion for me on my path to get my body to a new level. Adapting to my inner personal developments. Lara knows how to explain physical processes. She bridges from what we know on average about our biological functions to how things might be if we follow certain directions. What we need and what we suffer from, biologically. She is loving and incisive, clear and open.

Alexandra – Netherlands

Dearest Dr Sakeena,

It is an honour to write about my experiences with you and ImmunoClean™.

First of all THANK YOU for all the healing, teaching and empowering work you and your team do on this Earth. It touches my soul to think about how many times you have saved my life and healed my body through empowerment, wisdom and spirit.

In 2012 I had ulcers, something I was diagnosed with after seeing a GP because of severe and persistent pain that I was experiencing by my abdomen.

This pain was excruciating, on going and it would cause me sleepless night, nausea, constant vomiting and a lot of fear. I was prescribed XXXPHARMACEUTICALXXX and XXXPHARMACEUTICALXXX by the GP (who seemed bored with being a GP and was soon to move our into a new career of finance) and was sent home still in pain. I was not prescribed or advised to take pain killers due to the issue being a stomach issue and that the aspirin would be too harsh for the gut lining. I was advised to not eat spice amongst other dietary adjustments.

Nevertheless I was booked off for a few days and sent back home and I followed the protocol given by the GP. Of course this medication and my dietary adjustment of not eating spicy foods, did not seem to heal my body neither did it take away the excruciating pain I was experiencing. I eventually had to take sick leave for a few more days as I was not healing at all.

I was in pain and the pain was so bad I would wake up and be crying and vomiting and my parents had to take me to the ER units so that I could get intravenous pain killers. This helped me so much but would keep me going pain free for a day or 2 and then the ulcer symptoms would relapse and I would be in pain and vomiting again. I couldn’t walk and I could work, and my sick leave extended from days to weeks.

I sought natural remedies from alternate healers, who performed reiki, parasite cleansing, prescribed tinctures, as well as herbal oils and extracts. I was on every type of remedy possible, on going and back and forth to hospital for intravenous pain killers. This then spanned to over a period of 4 weeks, where I was using every method known to me whilst trying to rest as much as possible at home over my sick leave of 4 weeks.

I would sleep a lot and if I woke up and tried to walk or do anything that required me to use my stomach muscles the ulcer pain would flare up and I would be in pain and it would just get worse.

Then my parents’ family friend referred me to Dr Sakeena and ImmunoClean™

I was blessed enough to meet Dr Sakeena in live consultation as she was traveling in Johannesburg. She consulted with me and fearlessly with a smile and high energy in her being advised me on the protocol of using ImmunoClean™. She smiled and didn’t flinch at my condition. I purchased the ImmunoClean™ and went home and started with the protocol of drinking the ImmunoClean™ in water and in my teas. By that same evening I could feel the pain subsiding and I was feeling relaxed and could sleep well and by the 3rd day I had forgot that I even had ulcers!! I had NO PAIN at all!! 3 DAYS!! To this day, 8 years later, I have NEVER experienced ulcer inflammation ever again!!!

My Dad and his friend have also used ImmunoClean™ for the exact same condition and were healed in ONE DAY!

2 years ago, I was diagnosed with a pilonidal abscess. Something I had
before when I was 14 from strenuous exercise, but it had disappeared and
so 2 years ago when I started on a hard exercise regime again, I had
this very same abscess develop again and believed it would disappear so I
was very complacent with attending to it in any way. Before I knew it,
in 2 days it had progressed to an advanced infection in which it was
extremely painful for me to sit, walk and even lay down. I didn’t
realize the severity of the condition at the time and that it was
potentially dangerous to leave unattended to, but I was urged on to get
it checked out by a doctor. I eventually went to a GP who I do like and
who generally is not trigger happy with medication and when he saw me,
he immediately booked me in for surgery. I had the surgery with a good
surgeon whom I trust and I spent the next 6 weeks at home lying on my
sides and waiting for my wound to heal and for the hole that was cut
into my body to drain out. The entire process of stitch removal and
draining took 2 months. However I was warned that if this abscess does
not drain out well enough, I was at risk of the abscess returning. Once
healed and my wounds were closed and I was walking and sitting again, I
unfortunately did have a relapse of the abscess. I was very scared and
heartbroken and in a lot of fear of now having to go back to hospital
for surgery that would take another few months to heal from.

I immediately contacted Dr Sakeena and she gave me a guided protocol of using ImmunoClean™ and Potato Poultice therapy to bring the abscess to surface and to stop the infection of the abscess. When I contacted her I was in pain and I could feel this abscess was rapidly becoming inflamed and infected. She started me off with hourly ImmunoClean™ consumption and by my 3rd hour in the evening, I lay down and I felt a cooling effect by the area of my abscess. It was an extremely cooling and calming sensation and suddenly I felt relaxed and could walk without any pinching or painful sensation in the area. I applied the potato poultice therapy every 2 hours as recommended and had went to bed. By the next morning, the abscess had completely come to surface and was heading. The pain was now by the surface of my skin and not inside my flesh and body… I continued with the potato poultice up until 10am that morning, and by then my abscess had completely burst and was draining. I never would have imagined that a condition which I had spent months healing from due to surgery, had been halted in its tracks and completely healed naturally with ImmunoClean™ and Dr Sakeena’s powerful and miraculous methods and knowledge of healing. I could not believe that this was possible. I was angry at myself for not having consulted with Dr Sakeena from the very beginning of my abscess saga which would have prevented me from ever having the surgery. Dr Sakeena empowered me, by making me realize that the ability to heal and be healthy is truly in our own individual hands and that being sick is not a death sentence in any way if every ailment can be healed so easily and ingeniously. Dr Sakeena has spent so much time even during weekends attending to my conditions and all through what’s app!!!

I have met dermatologists who prescribed XXXPHARMACEUTICALXXX to me for XXXILLNESS/CONDITIONXXX without informing me about its deadly side affects and without taking a liver or blood test-2 protocols that must be taken in the administering of XXXPHARMACEUTICALXXX as stated on the patent!!! When I tried to confront this Dermatologist about this case, he refused to answer emails as stated on his terms and conditions which he gives out for signing by patients! Since that experience 5 years ago I have never seen any Doctors except for an old fashioned and honorable GP who I see if absolutely necessary!

Since Dr Sakeena and my experience of her helping me heal myself, I am reminded about the stupidity and lack of responsibility that I have allowed myself to own for my body and health. Because of Dr Sakeena, I have been shown that ANYTHING can be healed and the work starts with US and ImmunoClean™ is nothing short of a miracle. I have read up quite a bit on how it works however being a scientist myself, I still don’t fully understand all its intricacies but it has shown me that illness is not a death sentence and Dr Sakeena has shown me that our bodies are deeply intelligent and that it has the ability to heal itself in any situation! 

ImmunoClean™ is an absolute gift of this world, it should be in every household as it has saved my life and healed my body on so many occasions as well as my family and friends! Dr Sakeena is the most empowering Doctor of Medicine I have ever encountered in my life and I am eternally grateful to her and the work she selflessly does for humanity!

ImmunoClean™ is a miraculous medicine and in spending time consulting with Dr Sakeena and using ImmunoClean, I have learnt an immense amount of information about the human body and health and the basic principles that are always ignored by the mainstream medical field! I cannot recommend this medicine enough! There are no side affects besides complete healing! I love Dr Sakeena, Doctors Beyond Medicine and the entire team behind ImmunoClean™ who are real angels walking this Earth…

I have only experienced miracles, healing, empowerment and absolute mercy by the grace of Dr Sakeena and this medicine called ImmunoClean™. The truest miracle in medicine I have ever experienced.

All my love
Nirocca from Cape Town

I had a terrible eye infection with my eye red, itchy and swollen. For five consecutive days, I made a solution of five activated ImmunoClean™ drops in ¼ cup water and used the solution as an eye wash. I also took a cotton gauze and dipped it into the activated ImmunoClean™ water and would place on top of my eye and leave it on for ten minutes. After the first use, the redness reduced by 50%. After five days, the swelling, itchiness and redness was all gone.

H.A, Kandahar Afghanistan

Lara is een gepassioneerde vrouw met veel kennis. Haar open-minded manier van kijken naar gezondheid, heeft me ontzettend veel inzichten gegeven op mijn eigen welzijn. Ik dacht dat ik gezond leefde, maar ben gaan inzien dat het nog veel beter kon. En ik voel me energieker en fitter dan ooit!

Esmarel- Netherlands

I had a very terrible sickness and felt like I was on my deathbed. None of the medication I was using was working. A friend gave me a glass of activated ImmunoClean™ water and I immediately felt better. I was able to immediately see the difference in my breathing and my mind started working again after feeling dizzy and brain. Now I take ImmunoClean™ everyday as do my close friends and family members.

T.A. Kabul, Afghanistan

I have been taking ImmunoClean™ for two years and have been seen a transition in my body. When everyone was getting sick near me, my body remained strong. Even the few times that it felt like I might also be getting sick, I increased my activated ImmunoClean™ to several times a day and by the end of the day I felt completely better. I also had other problems in my body in that for many years I was taking drugs to normalize my blood sugars. Unfortunately, my body was not responding, and the doctors kept increasing the dosage and varieties of the drugs. I combined the 5 Track Plan with ImmunoClean™ and now I am completely off my medications. I only take ImmunoClean™ at least once per day.


A few weeks ago I noticed that my donkey was half paralyzed in his back battling to walk. I phoned a friend to come and assist. He, unfortunately, got hold up and was unable to assist. That night out of pure desperation I did a transdermal application on his spine with ImmunoClean™. The next morning before sunrise I did another application. I then washed the DMSO and ImmunoClean™ off with lukewarm water and up till today, he is completely healed.

EVM South Africa

I had a UTI due to a kidney stone and the discomfort remained for two weeks. I started ImmunoClean™ and utilized it intensely for 10 days, using it hourly for the first two days and then four times per day for the remaining week. My UTI is gone!

We have been using ImmunoClean™ orally and as an enema and have found many parasites dispelled over the course of the past two years. We have been using the 5 Track plan with activated ImmunoClean™ and for the first time in my life I have no bloating after we eat, and our brain fog has disappeared.

My husband and I traveled with our four-year-old son to visit my sister. My son fell very ill and it scared us as he had a fever and was vomiting and refused to eat. We gave him an ImmunoClean™ enema and gave him one drop of ImmunoClean™ every hour for six hours. Then we continued the IC one drop four times per day the second day. He was fine by the second day and bouncing around as if nothing had happened.

I can feel the immune boosting power of ImmunoClean™. Thank you.

M. Kabul, Afghanistan

I had allergies for fifteen years and relied on medicine to help me breathe properly. I also had stomach issues and was unable to eat many food because of acidity in my stomach. After taking ImmunoClean™ for one month, my stomach problems and allergies disappeared. I do not take my medicine anymore. We were germinating 11,000 seeds and were told to wash the seeds with a bleach solution before germination and spray them with bleach water throughout the month-long germination process. This was because of fungus that typically grows on the seeds during the germination process. Instead, we opted to use activated ImmunoClean™ to wash the seeds. First, we soaked the seeds in 20 drops activated ImmunoClean™ in one liter of water for 20 minutes. Then every day, we would take our seeds and spray them with a solution of 10-15 drops activated ImmunoClean™ in one liter of water. We would spray the seeds and leave in the sun for two minutes and then return them to the germination room. We used less than one bottle of ImmunoClean™ for the process. We only lost 500 seeds, some directly to fungus and some to having seeds that just did not germinate but dried up. Incidentally, we were told to expect to lose at least 1000 seeds to not germinating!

W.H and A.H, USA

I had a very terrible sickness and felt like I was on my deathbed. None of the medication I was using was working. A friend gave me a glass of activated ImmunoClean™ water and I immediately felt better. I was able to immediately see the difference in my breathing and my mind started working again after feeling dizzy and brain. Now I take ImmunoClean™ everyday as do my close friends and family members.

T.A. Kabul, Afghanistan

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