I had allergies for fifteen years and relied on medicine to help me breathe properly. I also had stomach issues and was unable to eat many food because of acidity in my stomach. After taking ImmunoClean™ for one month, my stomach problems and allergies disappeared. I do not take my medicine anymore.

We were germinating 11,000 seeds and were told to wash the seeds with a bleach solution before germination and spray them with bleach water throughout the month-long germination process. This was because of fungus that typically grows on the seeds during the germination process. Instead, we opted to use activated ImmunoClean™ to wash the seeds. First, we soaked the seeds in 20 drops activated ImmunoClean™ in one liter of water for 20 minutes. Then every day, we would take our seeds and spray them with a solution of 10-15 drops activated ImmunoClean™ in one liter of water. We would spray the seeds and leave in the sun for two minutes and then return them to the germination room. We used less than one bottle of ImmunoClean™ for the process. We only lost 500 seeds, some directly to fungus and some to having seeds that just did not germinate but dried up. Incidentally, we were told to expect to lose at least 1000 seeds to not germinating!

W.H and A.H, USA

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