Who is Doctors Beyond Medicine™ NPC

Doctors Beyond Medicine™ has been finding solutions beyond conventional offerings and availability and combine knowledge from various modalities of life, both medical and natural, to overcome day to day challenges of health, disease and living for more than 30 years.

Our approach is to empower the individual, the family, the community through addressing the cause of disease, to educate on natural self-care, better nutrition and how to grow/prepare foods and remedies within parameters of custom, affordability and availability.

We are cleaning up environment, lifestyles, bodies, and attitudes.

We use natural, sustainable, alternative, functional, and integrated approaches to overcome acute and chronic disease. It is our commitment to bring about a global awakening to conscious and healthy living.

Whether poor or rich, old or young, healthy or sick, the advancement of knowledge to facilitate understanding and improve global “health” is an ostentatious undertaking.

We welcome the combined efforts of all communities, from all walks and businesses of life, to help us advance our application of knowledge to improve global “health.

Healing is found by addressing the cause (spiritually).

Healing is found by addressing the cause (spiritually, physically, mentally), correcting nutritional deficiencies, cleaning the body systems and mind from toxicity overload, helping the immune system function optimally through integrated programs, living Life with commitment to an evolutionary journey.

Our wellness programs incorporate hydration, nutrition, supportive organ cleansing, immune activation, visualization and neuroscience techniques, psychological and emotional empowerment, exercise, breathing and lifestyle coaching, specific supplemental products and more. This is offered through group channels, consultations as well as through community and educational projects.

In gratitude,

Dr Sakeena Harmsen

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