Why Water is your most important "Nutrient"

The longer a person lives on a low water ratio to high stimulating beverages and food intake, the more severe and long lasting the toxicity crisis. Symptoms, when the toxins cannot be removed, resemble dis-ease. Symptoms are firstly indicators of disturbed water metabolism and congestion.

  • Under dehydration, cells can lose up to 28% of their water volume, undermining all functions, whether cells of skin or stomach, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, etc
  • The lack of water leads to a lower ratio of water inside the cell vs outside the cell. More water accumulates outside the cell into the lymph fluid (e.g. water retention, reduced urination, holding harmful waste products).
  • Under this underlying and constant toxicity in the interstitial and lymph waters, our cells start changing their behavior…

Under dehydrated conditions, the brain releases the neurotransmitter histamine which directs distribution of water, moving it to where it is required.

When histamine and regulators for water intake come across pain sensing nerves, they trigger pain (arthritis, angina, back pain, headaches) to alert the person of their dehydration.

  • First heed the body’s cry for water when experiencing pain, before drawing conclusions.
  • Prescription pain medications suppress the primary signal of chronic and local dehydration.
  • Varieties of “little pills” are causing damage to the heart/brain/kidneys unchecked.
  • We need to deal with the underlying causes that lead to the use of medications first.
  • Also support the system, if using unavoidable short-term meds.

Body Drought is the strongest form of stress

85% of the brain is water, requiring and generating hydro-electric energy through cell osmosis, whilst also metabolizing simple sugars in very complex and efficient processes. Water deficiency in our brain tissue cuts down the energy supply, leading to depression of vital functions, leading to fear, anger, anxiety, lethargy…

When we are dehydrated, the body is put into fight and flight state (cells are fighting for life under dehydration). The natural release of adrenalin, endorphins, cortisone and other pain withstanding hormones are produced and released to manage the crisis. When the crisis does not get resolved, vasopressin is released (a hormone that constricts the blood vessels in areas of dehydration) to reduce the water in the blood stream. High blood pressure then starts as a direct result of dehydration.

This constriction and dehydration in the liver and bile ducts leads to gallstone formation.

The ongoing water shortage now leads to the activation of Renin-Angiotensin (RA) to force the body to hold onto water wherever it can, leading to water retention, swelling or what is known as oedema. Unless the body hydration level is returned to normal, the continued pressure in the system from extra-cellular water and vascular tension, causes damage to the heart and the kidneys.

Chronic fatigue syndrome for example should be reviewed and treated as progressive brain dehydration resulting from holding metabolic waste water in the body.

Symptoms of dehydration

Benefits of Water

Water removes toxins / waste

Water increases energy

Delivers oxygen

Lubricates digestive tract and spine

Water cushions the joints and absorbs shock

It strengthens the immune system

It improves metabolism and digestion

Water reduces fatigue

It reduces blood pressure and blood sugar

Water promotes weight loss 

It regulates temperature

Water improves mental capacity

It clears the skin

Water carries nutrients

Helpful Tips

  • Start the day with a full glass of water upon waking up to “ break drought” from night’s sleep and fasting (add lemon optional)
  • Download mobile reminder (aqua alert/daily water)
  • Keep a quantity marked water bottle at desk
  • Carry refillable water bottle with you when on the move
  • Hunger is mostly mistaken for dehydration
  • Replace soft drinks with water
  • Add only natural flavor (fruit/herbs) if needed


The amount of toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to in todays society is unprecedented. When we address the burden of what must be excreted out of, broken down or stored in our bodies’ waters, we use ImmunoClean™ to clear up the water.

The principles of cleansing the inter and extra cellular fluids, the “cell waters” through oxygenation and elimination support via improved immune function, are noted when taking  ImmunoClean™

We turn over more than 30 billion cells every day. Metabolic waste of cellular function and regeneration, is extracted through lymph, blood and connective tissue. Avoiding congestion and supporting the effective removal and clearing out of this waste and toxins from the cell waters is at the foundation of the immune supportive ImmunoClean™ protocols.

What kind of water to drink?
  • Avoid chlorinated and fluoridated water
  • Reduce chlorine by boiling water in an open pot
  • When using water from Reverse Osmosis, distilled or rain water, re-energize it by letting it stand in the sun for 1 hour
  • Add minerals (Himalayan Pink / Celtic / Sea salt) to put electrolytes into water (Adding a few grains of Basmati rice will also remineralize the water)

You further supercharge your ImmunoClean™ by adding mineralized water (1 crystal of coarse Himalayan salt to a full glass of water) (Elec-trolytes gives ELECtricity through the body fluids)

Make a conscious and mindful effort of increasing your hourly water intake. Enriching that water with immune supporting and cleansing ImmunoClean™, improves the rate at which your body systems handle the daily work load. 

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