10 Things you can do Naturally to Improve Your immunity

Following on our “What is Immunity” article we highlight some points it raised. Note that these 10 things were already mentioned in the above article and we are simply re-stating them to make it even easier for you.

Step 1) Be Happy

It starts with re-evaluating our attitudes towards our own lives and life in general and becoming mindful of what we are saying to our self in the ongoing inner “self-talk” – BE HAPPY, find your Lightness in spite of the challenges and remember what You are grateful for daily.

Step 2) Hydrate better

Have a glass of water every hour – a few grains of Himalayan salt added provide great electrolytes and minerals to your hydration water.

Step 3) Relax and Breathe more

Find ways to deal with your stress (that do not include chemicals or stimulants) – such as breathing exercises, prayer / meditation, time with animals or in nature, aromatherapy, physical exercises.

Step 4) Eat Healthy

Eat healthy – a plant based, wholefoods diet is most beneficial to the immune system. Remember, whole foods require no labels explaining what they are (apple doesn’t have to have a label stating it consists of apple). Avoid processed foods. Eat organic where possible. More protein is found in for e.g. beans in equal weight of beans compared to meat .

Whole foods and fresh  immune supportive foods consumed regularly

Step 5) Avoid Antibiotic filled foods

Avoid foods that contain antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. Food you get through a window is the cheapest that company can buy, so they can maximize the profit when they sell it to you – it is the enemy!

Step 6) Vitamin D

There is some strong evidence that vitamin D supports the immune system. You can get it as a supplement but we strongly prefer keeping it natural. Get some sunlight on you – no less than 20 minutes per day.

Step 7) Restore Your Gut Flora

Restore your gut flora constantly as a way of life. Introduce probiotic and fermented foods after following a gut repair program to allow healing of broken tight bonds in the gut (it can take up to 30 days after eating bread whilst abstaining from bread to recover from the effects of the round-up and gliadin damage of the grains to the gut lining)

Step 8) Get good sleep

The best time for regenerating and rejuvenating sleep is between 10pm and 3am. Rather get up early than working late, as this time of night’s rest is vital for efficient restoration and regeneration

Step 9) Breathe Fresh Air

Take your dog for a walk (or your cat, partner, child, parent, or friend – just get out and move and breathe)

Step 10) Cleanse (Detox)

Follow regular and natural detoxing programs and gentle parasite cleanses to reduce the toxicity burden in the system. Some good DETOX suggestions here

What Else can you do:

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