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Jen, Namibia

I would like to share with you all a testimonial of gratefulness on this journey(2years almost) with Dr Shakeena💐 I had a few lumps in my breasts. Sonar showed some

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W.H and A.H, USA

I had allergies for fifteen years and relied on medicine to help me breathe properly. I also had stomach issues and was unable to eat many food because of acidity

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M. Kabul, Afghanistan

 I had a UTI due to a kidney stone and the discomfort remained for two weeks. I started ImmunoClean™ and utilized it intensely for 10 days, using it hourly for

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EVM South Africa

A few weeks ago I noticed that my donkey was half paralyzed in his back battling to walk. I phoned a friend to come and assist. He, unfortunately, got hold

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I have been taking ImmunoClean™ for two years and have been seen a transition in my body. When everyone was getting sick near me, my body remained strong. Even the

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Esmarel- Netherlands

Lara is een gepassioneerde vrouw met veel kennis. Haar open-minded manier van kijken naar gezondheid, heeft me ontzettend veel inzichten gegeven op mijn eigen welzijn. Ik dacht dat ik gezond

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H.A, Kandahar Afghanistan

I had a terrible eye infection with my eye red, itchy and swollen. For five consecutive days, I made a solution of five activated ImmunoClean™ drops in ¼ cup water

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Why choose ImmunoClean™

ImmunoClean™ works concurrently with everyone’s natural processes at the rate of oxidation & charge, the same as what the body would do. If it’s at a higher oxidation rate like ozone or peroxide, it causes cellular damage. When the oxidation is as your own body would utilize it for maintenance or cell regeneration, it’s actually running at the optimal frequency. An independent laboratory, that is certified to perform preclinical trials on natural/herbal/ayurvedic products, put ImmunoClean™ through its paces and compared the results against industry’s current best practices.

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