I have been in the natural health scene for many years and worked in conjunction with many medical professionals for many years. I use to assist Cancer patients in various Oncology wards around the Johannesburg and Pretoria area with lifestyle choices and counselling. For many years I tried to work with medical professionals but found myself not in alignment with some of their recommendations. About two to 3 years ago, my path crossed the Doctors beyond medicine’s paths and ever since I am in absolute awe of their commitment and passion to support sick people in surge of a natural modality.

In the case of myself, I have been battling with annual asthma attacks as well as sinus and swollen lymph nodes. My medical professionals at the time wanted me to go for further investigation blood test and possibly a biopsy. I did not feel in congruence with doing that so I started with ImmunoClean™ as well as lifestyle changes suggested by Dr Sakeena. Currently, I haven’t been experiencing any asthma and feel wonderful.

I tried so many expensive products without good results. Currently, I am a firm believer in ImmunoClean™ and recommend it on a daily basis to many of my clients.

About two years ago I met an Orthodontist of Pretoria at the time I was not aware of the fact that he was an Orthodontist. He was diagnosed with Malaria. I gave him the Doctors beyond medicines protocol for Malaria that included ImmunoClean™. He had such wonderful results that his currently referring many medical doctors to me. He also recently sent me a message to say that he now is recommending ImmunoClean™ to all his family and friends. He said he recently treated Ludwig’s Angina with great success.

I have seen the wonderful effect it has on clients Immune systems. One of my clients that were diagnosed with Lymphoma recently used ImmunoClean™ after they could not continue chemo due to high infection rates. He went for a blood test on Friday used the ImmunoClean™ for the weekend and on Monday when they did another blood test the infection rate was completely down.

I can highly recommend ImmunoClean™ to anybody who would like to boost their Immune system.

EVM South Africa

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