I had a UTI due to a kidney stone and the discomfort remained for two weeks. I started ImmunoClean™ and utilized it intensely for 10 days, using it hourly for the first two days and then four times per day for the remaining week. My UTI is gone!


We have been using ImmunoClean™ orally and as an enema and have found many parasites dispelled over the course of the past two years. We have been using the 5 Track plan with activated ImmunoClean™ and for the first time in my life I have no bloating after we eat, and our brain fog has disappeared.


My husband and I traveled with our four-year-old son to visit my sister. My son fell very ill and it scared us as he had a fever and was vomiting and refused to eat. We gave him an ImmunoClean™ enema and gave him one drop of ImmunoClean™ every hour for six hours. Then we continued the IC one drop four times per day the second day. He was fine by the second day and bouncing around as if nothing had happened.


I can feel the immune boosting power of ImmunoClean™. Thank you.

M. Kabul, Afghanistan

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