Own Your Health - 2023 A New Beginning

The simple indoctrination of going to a doctor and being told what’s happening with YOUR body, then being willing to receive a pill for it to go away, needs to be reprogrammed. We all need a new fresh start and a more successful way of looking at ourselves. 

Even though we have more medical services, more research, and more medicines in the market than ever, we are contrary to such advancement, dealing with more disease, more drug consumption, more toxins, and much higher statistics of chronic disease than ever. We must ask why. What is the root cause of this? Is it possible that we are the only ones that can understand our bodies and, therefore, should take back our power?

The dilemma you may find yourself in when diagnosed with a dreaded condition, involves the weighing up of conditioned trust vs what you yourself know and believe. The dilemma is to decide between following a conventional programme that may be harmful to your health, and where you will likely succumb to the treatment, vs taking the unconventional path by following a road less travelled. This option is possibly laden with challenges of the unfamiliar, self-examination (identifying the true cause: food, drink, thoughts, feelings immune function etc.) vs doing nothing at all and succumbing to the condition.

Sound familiar?

This makes things tougher because for every good opinion, you will find as many opposing ones to keep you in a state of confusion about in which direction to move. There are many opinions from what appear to be medical individuals telling you what’s right, and what’s wrong, and with enough facts to validate each opinion. This makes your choices harder and more difficult because at this time your immunity is possibly already compromised and you know you need to take action. So you’re stuck in the space of “not knowing” because you have been overwhelmed with information.

The fact is: You do know, we all know, what is good for us.

What are you pretending not to know….

Your health remains your responsibility. Know this, feel this and believe this always. Ultimately, you will have to deal with all the side effects and consequences of your medical choices. Making informed choices by reviewing several options and checking in with your intuition, the options will lead you to a road less travelled but a road well worth investigating. When the moment arises, we will be happy to share this road with you and your loved ones. Giving back your medical accountability for the rest of your life.

When you find yourself at this crossroad or moment in time, it’s a great opportunity to apply yourself to a most needed lifestyle change. Take control of your health and your life and your body by knowing what you’re putting into it, and how you can choose differently for a happy healthier existence.

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