What is Immunity?

Is your Immunity someone else’s “business”? Are you constantly giving the self-healing power of your body away to doctors / practitioners?

Our bodies are made up of the elements of our world, animated with consciousness and awareness, capable of thought and self-reflection, expressing with Breath and Energy.

You are a “community” of cells and organisms expressing together, whether in unity and harmony or discord . We have to acknowledge responsibility for the influence and effect we have on how our “community” of cells behave through our thoughts and behaviours.

The miracle is YOU and within You lies the capacity to heal .

When people think of the human immune system, they may think only of “White Blood cells”, which have the task of protecting us against “the world”.

But immunity is much greater than the sum of our white and red blood cells. Immunity relates to every aspect of living and what WE do with OUR minds, bodies, emotions and environment. Trillions of cells, elements and organisms exchange either in or out of balance.

Your body has a defense force that is able to handle any situation, given the right working environment and tools to handle the work load.

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded from the media to create state of fear, or that there is war, enemies and terrorism to be wiped out.

Unfortunately, we are also transferring this viewpoint onto our bodies, where we live in the erroneous “perception” that your body is at war, constantly, every second of the day to defend you against microorganisms and “foreign” invaders.  Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi and mold.

These microorganisms however are also part of our defense system (internally and externally). It is really when the balances of friendly vs opportunistic (pathogenic) organisms start to go out of balance that it leads to disease and the biological and chemical breakdown of the body.  

The Germ and the Gene Theory

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to the identifying the cause of disease, which is based upon either

The germ theory (Pasteur) 


The Gene theory (Watson and Crick) 

These two mainstream avenues of thinking, consider the causes of diseases to be mainly caused by germs or faulty genes, but have their shortcomings in the bigger picture.

Neither of these 2 schools of thinking consider the carbon cycle of life, where microorganisms are inherent to biological and cellular function of the human frame in the very dynamic, constantly changing and metabolically active human body. Cycles also found in animals and plants and nature around us.

An Intelligent Carbon Cycle

Bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses  and mold are everywhere as part of the Carbon cycle of life.

Inside and outside of our bodies, on plants, in the air, in the soil and dust, in our homes.  All the organisms have either a symbiotic (they serve us) or pathogenic role (they damage us based upon the environment and opportunity).

The environment determines how the organisms behave. 

Organisms play a symbiotic role in the normal, healthy functioning and servicing of our cells. 

They change their roles when there is trauma or cell damage to an area.

At a site of cell damage, the symbiotic bacteria take their “cell support clothing” off and put on their “cleaning gear” as they are already at the scene (precipitated out of the damaged cell). They start serving as “garbage collectors” of the damaged debris. 

Should the trauma or area of cellular damage be too big and the bacteria cannot cope with the work load, “bacterial infection” may result.

The yeasts and fungi (already inside the body, or when damage is on the skin – from outside of the body) will proliferate (multiply) to correct the biological terrain.

We can describe the task of this group of now “adapting” organisms – yeasts and fungus – as the “exterminators”) (Barbara O’Neill: Self Heal by Design The role of micro-organisms for health).

Mold (the “undertakers”) will start to grow to break down the tissue back to dust and the carbon cycle is complete.

Are all the bacterium, yeasts, fungi and mold, all micro-organisms, out to get us?


They are part of the biological cycles of either repair or then decay if repair fails. And why would repair fail?

Toxic overload, congestion, lack of raw materials for regeneration (nutritional deficiencies). The body can heal when we provide an environment for the cells from which healing is possible. We have to change the physically environment that the cells are finding themselves, (which is our 70% water).

Actions such as:

  • washing and cleaning a wound,
  • cleaning up the home environment,
  • having electrolyte fluids hourly to dilute and alter the internal toxic dehydrated environment with electrolytes and replacement fluids, and
  • other immune supporting health practices (expanded later in this write-up) are called for.

When we are of the mindset that our bodies are constantly (every second of the day) “at war” (with the organisms and environment around us) it puts us in a state of fear and defense because “everything is out to get us”, which in itself is not conducive to good health because the body remains in “fight and flight”.

Organisms are neither good nor bad. They adapt depending on the opportunities. For example, normally considered “good, friendly probiotic bacteria” also are “bad” (opportunistic) when exposed to an open wound. It is relative to the environment and opportunities.

So What is Immunity really?

Immunity can be defined as a complex biological system endowed with the capacity to recognize and tolerate whatever belongs to the self and to recognize and reject what is foreign (non-self). 

Immunity means your body’s defense system has it covered. Having it covered means that your immune defense forces will react with highly intelligent, systematic responses when your system encounters opportunistic organisms.

In a society where we tend to focus on treating symptoms, we often add onto the burden of the immune system instead of lowering it. Only treating a symptom (and not the underlying problem) means shutting down the intelligent response, the alarm bell. The response is not the problem! Our bodies produce chemistry, every pharmaceutical conceivable is manufactured in the human body (studies support and prove this by nature of the placebo effect). That means your body can make any chemical necessary for the solution of a problem from within your own body elements.

Immune system cells are produced constantly. Some immune cells live only 8 hours, a set of immune cells that may be replaced 3x in a 24-hour cycle, such as for example, the dynamic kamakazi cells called Neutrophils. Others white blood cells live for 24 – 72 hours, some even have a lifespan of up to 11 days. Lymphocytes live the longest of all the immune cells. They are responsible for producing anti-bodies to viral and toxic pathogens in the system. 

What affects Our Immune System?

  • Our attitude and state of mind: In a state of fear and stress, our bodies suffer
  • Our hydration levels: Body drought is one of the biggest causes of health problems
  • Our gut lining health: If the tight bonds in the gut lining are broken, proteins and foreign particles enter the blood that do not belong there, creating “auto-immune” reactions. Our digestive lining, a 300m2 surface area, is replaced every 3 -5 days, but when we have any gut related problems, such as celiac or Crohn’s disease, if the underlying broken bonds of the gut lining is not repaired and corrected, healing does not and cannot take place in spite of the fast repair rate of a gut lining epithelium, because the gut environment still does not support healing
  • Our level of vital stomach acid: Without stomach acid, pathogens and toxins on and in the food, have a free pass into the system, as the stomach acid is not sufficient to kill or denature the opportunistic organisms. If the stomach acid pH is above 2, it would not kill parasites, their eggs or larvae
  • Our gut flora balance (We have a 2kg bacterial mass, called our microbiome, which makes up 70% of our immune system. This force of friendly bacterium defends us against what comes in through our mouths) and what may grow in our bodies. Without good friendly bacterium numbers, candida for example may grow to become a health hazard 
  • Our oxygen levels: Oxygen is one of the main elements used in our defense by the immune system, but it is also what is used to alkalize the body. Pathogens and toxins are burnt / “oxidized”. Low oxygen levels will thus always impair immunity. Oxygen levels may be low due to anemia (which also has gut related causes), low blood production levels (kidney health) and poor or shallow breathing. (There are many breathing exercises which can emulate movement and oxygen distribution into the body) 
  • Our blood levels: Red and white blood cells – the “workers” that must attend and deliver oxygen and supplies to all of the cells, and remove waste from an area
  • Being in or out of balance with biological / circadian rhythms: Our sleep patterns and lifestyle (late night meals), as well as hormonal cycles, which are either in or out of tune with the cycles of the day and night, sun and moon, seasons affect our immune function
  • Sleep: This is affected by gut flora balances –friendly, probiotic bacterium produce most of our melatonin and serotonin supplies, and many other neurotransmitters – based upon the gut brain axis – on a day-to-night, night-to-day conversion basis
  • Our hormonal balance/imbalance: We are consuming so much xenoestrogens through our food and water supplies from plastics, antibiotic, poisons and chemicals, our natural hormonal balances are disrupted which negatively impacts immune function
  • Our levels of physical movement: Too much or too little negatively affect immunity
  • Our nutritional deficiencies: Food devoid of nutrients, processed or modified foods, overloads of supplements which add to body toxicity but still does not correct deficiencies, not having balanced gut flora to synthesize our nutrients out of what we eat 
  • Immunity also comes from the body using heat and cold (fever and rigor to fight pathogens and infections)
  • Regular fasting (1 day per week or 3 consecutive days per month) on a liquid fast for such days, is excellent to improve and supercharge your immune system. Fasting reduces the debris load and burden in the gut, allowing healing. Other fasting options is to fast daily for 16 hours. No eating before 8am and not after 16h00 for example.
  • Disease starts when the body experiences a toxicity crisis (backlog / overflow). When the capacity to cleanse efficiently becomes overloaded and the detoxing organs can no longer excrete the waste efficiently, symptoms start to express. Our systems excrete waste as follows:
  • Up to 70% of waste is expelled through our lungs (have you ever asked yourself why Lung cancer is the number 1 diagnosed cancer?) About 20% of waste is excreted through the skin, 7% through urine, 3% through faeces. 
  • Accumulated stagnant waste is more acidic in nature than the natural pH of the cells. The blood pH is closely regulated by the kidneys and pancreas and through the 15,000 liters of oxygen we inhale daily. When the tissue becomes too acidic, it forces the body to release alkalizing minerals like calcium from the bones, to alkalize the acids of waste materials. When the waste materials cannot be oxidized efficiently, due to low oxygen and movement levels, this methods of calcification is intelligently employed to neutralize the acidity in the fluids but leads to de-calcification of the bones.

The Good News

The human body is a self-healing system. Trillions of cells and microorganisms work simultaneously, adapting to their intra and extra cellular conditions and environment to keep biological and electrical functions optimal.

We are born with an “innate shield”. It is handed down from our mother. Her blood runs through our veins in utero (when we are still in her womb), her lifestyle and exposure to toxicities pre, during and post pregnancy (whilst breast-feeding), affect how our innate system is acquired, learns and performs. This means our immune system already “KNOWS” how to handle certain situations, based upon this “inherited know-how”. Thanks Mom! 

Our immune system is further set up well when we have our mother’s milk as our first food, filled with microbes and nutrients that become our defense lining.  This innate immunity prepared you for living life in your mother’s (parents’) home, exposed to eat what she eats and breathe what she breathes, being in the physical environment where you will find yourself for the first years of your life.   


A blow to our immune system occurs when we are given antibiotic (the human body should not be exposed to more than 2 courses of antibiotic in a lifetime) Antibiotic is erroneously given for almost everything (even viral infections which do not respond to antibiotics).

Antibiotics may be consumed without one knowing(as a secondary uptake). That happens when we eat meat and foods that have been exposed to high amounts of antibiotics (chicken, beef, dairy, and even fish is given up to 70% of the world’s produced antibiotics) and growth hormones. This antibiotic intake causes estrogen spikes as well which not only fatten but also causes cell proliferation, so the animals grow fast… a hormonal influx that also affects our immune system behavior and responses and overall balances.

Then we have our “adaptive and acquired immunity”, which means that our system shifts fluids, chemistry, reactions and enzymes, to cope under our “living” conditions and keep the organs functioning. Cells of immunity are produced in bone marrow, lymph nodes, and glands such as spleen and thymus (a university for immune cells). It means our immune cells learn and adapt and make antibodies (lymphocytes for example, are like “site inspectors” of an infected area to watch and learn and make antibodies to the troublemaker.

So What about Inflammation?

Inflammation is an adaptive response. Inflammation is a very intelligent response as part of our defense system. Have you ever considered that Inflammation is not the problem. It is an indication of another problem. Your body uses inflammation to capture something and prevent “it” (an organism, a toxin, a hormone, etc.) from coming in or from moving. Inflammation is a natural barrier and defense for our own cells against “stuff” such as food, drink, poisons, toxins, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, EVEN your own thoughts, which releases coordinating hormones. The glands of your body and brain, as well as gut bacterium, produce chemicals constantly. Complex “pharmaceuticals” so that you can “feel” your joy, excitement, fear, anger, doubt, or depression.

Inflammation in the digestive tract is again a protection against fermenting organisms and putrefying foods, which form acids that leach into the blood. When food is not digested properly, so it putrefies (rots) and raises our level of toxicity and need for defense. Acidic by-products start to irritate the gut lining. Inflammation is produced to form a barrier against these acids and organisms. The inflammation is still not the problem. It is a symptom! The question must be asked, why does the body create the in the first place?  

Many different cells work in the “defense department” in the “business” of keeping you healthy. Depending on the requirement or demand of the environment, inflammatory messengers either signal for cell destruction of activates regeneration and cell repair. Other inflammatory signals (eicosanoids – a white blood cell) may mark the presence of parasites in the system. (Do remember though that parasites also have immune evading techniques and do not always show up in laboratory testing). 

Nature is an advanced strategist in how it rounds up a defense process intelligently. First inflammation, cytokines and eosinophils), alert the system to release inflammatory hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to hold whatever has been entrapped. Then our immune system will bring the cavalry out, such as neutrophils, a form of “kamikaze fighters” that blow themselves up or that drop bombs of destructive bags of enzymes and acids on the infiltrator to dissolve/damage/ destroy it. Macrophages engulf and eat up the debris.

Natural killer cells can migrate throughout the body to different sites to deal with pathogens and cancer cells. All the while, our lymphocytes are watching/observing what the Achilles heel of the pathogen is, upon which she will make antibodies for the system to then have T and B cells to assist in the conclusion of the defense process.

So What about Inflammation?

Although this is a topic on its own, the effects of constant stress on the body and the immune system is also a massive role player in good vs poor immunity. The awareness reminder is that the stress response can be induced by thought alone (the threat does not even have to be real!) The pancreas is switched to a sympathetic state, which switches off digestion and healing, whilst the body is in fight or flight.

Digestive juices are now not produced as is required. The food then sits in a warm and moist digestive tract, rich in opportunistic bacteria and other organisms (parasites and worms also), which thrive in this now soon putrefying (rotting) environment.

More inflammation is called for as an auto defense, serving as protection against “something” (round-up, gliadin from gluten products, antibiotic in meats and dairy products, hormones from foods and plastics, toxic chemicals in our water and air, chemicals on our skins, putrefied food congested in the digestive tract, etc…)

More irritation… More imbalance… More dehydration as the body moves fluids out of the cells into the interstitial and lymphatic fluids to handle the burden. 

Staying in stress, puts the system on “hold”, which adds to the congestion and stagnation, and that affects the rate of replication and nature of the organisms that adapt continuously to thrive in our inner environment.

Parasites for example, excrete muscle and gut relaxing chemicals in their “poop”, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, morphine, and histamines into your colon, relaxing the muscle and successfully leading to constipation and even longer retention of stools and putrefying (rotting) fecal matter, another reason for inflammatory responses.

10 Things You can do Right Now to improve your Immunity

1) It starts with re-evaluating our attitudes towards our own lives and life in general and becoming mindful of what we are saying to our self in the ongoing inner “self-talk” – BE HAPPY and remember what you are grateful for daily

2) Find ways to deal with your stress (that do not include chemicals or stimulants) – such as breathing exercises, prayer / meditation, time with animals or in nature, aromatherapy, physical exercises 

3) Eat healthy – a plant based, wholefoods diet is most beneficial to the immune system. Remember, whole foods require no labels explaining what they are (apple doesn’t have to have a label stating it consists of apple). Whole foods are the best form of food to consume. Organic where possible. Plant protein is found in legumes.

There are various foods that are immune supportive that can be consumed regularly

4) Avoid foods that contain antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. Food you get through a window is the cheapest that company can buy, so they can maximise the profit when they sell it to you – it is the enemy!

5) Hydrate. Have a glass of water every hour – a few grains of Himalayan salt added goes a long way to provide electrolytes and minerals to this water.

6) Get some sunlight on you – no less than 20 minutes per day 

7) Restore your gut flora constantly as a way of life. Introduce probiotic and fermented foods after following a gut repair program to allow healing of broken tight bonds in the gut (it can take up to 30 days after eating bread whilst abstaining from bread to recover from the effects of the round-up and gliadin damage of the grains to the gut lining)

8) Get good sleep – the best time for regenerating and rejuvenating sleep is between 10pm and 3am. Rather get up early than working late, as this time of night’s rest is vital for efficient restoration and regeneration

9) Take your dog for a walk (or your cat, partner, child, parent, or friend – just get out and move and breathe)

10) Follow regular and natural detoxing programs and gentle parasite cleanses to reduce the toxicity burden in the system 

It takes a minimum of 21 days to re-establish a new habit and 6 months to make it second nature.

What Else can I do? Does ImmunoClean™ help to improve the Immune System?

At Damaansa, we use a tested and proven natural product, called ImmunoClean™, which is a patented, liquid formula of a mineral and herbal composition. The herbs have been selected for their proven healing and detoxing properties. This product has been used successfully in the field for almost 25 years with great success by the Doctors Beyond Medicine team. With ImmunoClean™, we address many of the avenues that challenge our immune system, because we activate the immune and detoxing systems. The body has a great task of delivering more oxygen to areas that have become acidic or hypoxic due to low oxygen levels or stagnancy from dehydration or otherwise.

When using ImmunoClean™, the blood oxygen saturation goes up immediately because of its oxidation properties. As an intelligent product though, it also has anti-oxidant properties, which the body will use once the oxidation has been affected. Read more on our Science page


The mineral, herbal solution interacts with the body fluids and cellular environment, the same way our blood delivery system is programmed to work (oxygen is released from blood where the environment is acidic – known as the Bohr process

What makes ImmunoClean™ unique, is that as a consequence of the electromagnetic exchange with the body, ImmunoClean™ has the capacity to restart mitochondria (energy generator of the cells) by restarting its Krebs cycle. .

Our bodies consist of up to 70% water and by facilitating pH correction and balancing, through delivering oxygen as well as delivering herbal compounds that facilitate efficient detoxing and regeneration, the body can overcome the imbalance that lead to the troubling symptoms and equilibrium can be restored.

ImmunoClean™ is also produced and programmed under the principles of Masara Emoto’s “Messages from water”. The Flower of Life icon also carries energy, to further enhance healing capacity and add value to your cells.  

The Power of Healing lies WITHIN You.

We can overcome disease, when we change the underlying conditions that support the problem. Happiness is one of the most essential prerequisites of good health. It starts with a choice and an attitude in this moment.

For more information on ImmunoCleanTM follow this link 

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